Race Motion Car Simulator Hire

Perfect if you really want to make a statement!  We are currently the only company offering car simulators with actual motion!  Hire these for your event, or even just for your party at home.

We don’t settle for second best and neither should you.  With our set up we use only arcade strength equipment.

Available for hire as single units or 4 players for extreme team racing!
Bass pumping sound with subwoofer 55″ UHD screens for superb graphics

Multi 4 drivers racing in the same race linked up for head to head racing fun. Fantastic racing simulators with up to 4 players seated in authentic race bucket race seats with force feedback steering wheel and full pedal set each driver has an independent screen for head to head racing simulator action on the built in HD LCD screens.

The Next Level racing simulators features a link up system allowing drivers to race on the simulator head to head with independent screen views. The system features a choice of cars and courses is available including both track and off road courses in a variety of car types. Each racing pod is fitted with LED accent lighting which looks great in darker venues.

Choose from 1, 2, 3, or even 4 driver systems to suit your event and budget.