Paddle Boats Hire

Kids Paddle Boat Hire Brisbane

Let the Paddle Boats put a splash into your next party, family day or just about any event you can think of. Watch as the kids paddle around the pool in a completely safe and secure environment. For safety the Paddle Boats come with a kiddie safe fence and operators trained in first aid. The water in the paddle boat pool is filled to no more than 50cm deep so it makes it ideal for children aged 3 – 10 years old. This unique attraction so get the kids to hop on board and be the captain of their very own paddle boat.

Setup Requirements: The pools used need a flat and level surface 7 x7 m  and note the water from the pool will need to be drained after the event, therefore please choose a location where there is sufficient drainage or a grass area. You can also hire the Paddle Boats only and use them in your backyard pool.