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Side Shows & Fireworks for Corporate Events


Side shows are a staple at any public event. Great for corporate fundraisers, Christmas parties or promotional events. Most of these side shows can be set up indoors and out to suit your event. From food to target shooting, Amazing Fun Parties has all the cool side shows.

Murals - Funny Faces

These cut outs bring a wacky smile to all who put the head through the hole, with Grub faces, Bee and Flower faces, Sea horse and Mermaid faces and everybody’s favourite FOO WAS HERE! with Salt and Pepper faces

A real laugh.


Skydancers are Fantastic to place out front of a Store or Venue Promotion, School Fair, Festival or Fundraising Events to be seen by public to bring in the crowds. Or theme your Party with some Fun! Ask for a Quote today!


Footy Game Murals of Fun

Get the Footy through the hole!

Very challenging and great for sporting breakups.

Depending on how far you stand back, this game can be suitable for kids and adults.

Footy Game murals is also great for Team Challenges and Fundraisers!

Trouble Horse Racing Game

Using trouble game clickers get your Horse first down the line!

Jacobs Ladder

This game is not as easy as you think, challenge your boss or friend at the same time, keep it steady don’t move too much, too bad the boss has won.

Comes with operator to run item.

Dunk Shark Tank

Make a Splash and Dunk your Principal, your Boss, your Friend.

If you can get a celebrity and Auction the Balls off you can make some serious money for your next Fundraiser!

2500 lts of water to fill

The Splash Board
Balloon Bust

Enjoy the fun of hitting the target and then the balloon above the head of your victim gets wet underneath!

Take aim at your boss, the CEO and employees for your corporate event!  Only require a hose and a lot less water then a Dunk Tank.

Seal Game

This great inflatable Sideshow Games brings a little magic to the events!

The balls float above the Seals nose and the person playing has to hit the Ball off the Seals nose to win.

Looks fantastic and is challenging!

Novelty Dart Board

Bulls Eye to Win! Over Sized Novelty Dart board, great for all occasions, Teams Building, Boys Night!

Looking great at your next Corporate Promotion! Breakup day or School Fun Day!

Side show dart board game
Mechanical Hi Striker

This Striker is a oldie but a goodie.

Hit the bell to win or set it up that they have to stop half way up - not as easy as it sounds!

Rocket sides can be remove for easy installation with a height of 3 mtrs and 2.5 mtrs wide to operate.

Comes with a operator and lights.

Mini Hi Striker

This mini hi striker is available for dry hire to run yourself at Conferences, Trade Shows and Parties!

This is the only drop off one available.

Great Test of Strength!

Electronic Hi Striker

This striker stands a whopping 5.5 mtrs tall, needs a area of 2 mts square to operate.

Comes with two operators and all the lights.

They hit the sensor pad and watch the lights travel up and when it stops all their friends laugh at the words that are high lighted, such as GIRLY, HA HA, IS THAT IT.

So much fun to have using a hammer.

Mechanical It’s a Knock Out Game

Great for Team Challenges and Fundraising Events!

Comes with operator to run item.

Ask for a quote today!


Single Clown for Promotional days or Corporate Expo’s, brings the potential customers direct to you to have a play and also talk about your business while you have them!

Great tool you can run yourself!

Play the Clown to win a Prize!

laughing clowns game Brisbane

The feel of the show! Loved by all.

Sideshow games for fun!

Comes with operator. Area 3mtr x 3mtr

Sideshow games Brisbane
Chocolate Wheel

Hire this Chocolate wheel for Fundraising Days, Corporate Functions and just fun for a birthday party!

Slot car racing set

Motor race with your friends!
Great fun for all ages.
Area 6mtr x 3mtr with operator.
This item can be wheeled indoors and great for any Motor Racing themed corporate event, and it keeps the men happy!

Corporate event planners Brisbane

Shooting Target Gallery

Shoot the target and hit the bullseyes to win, we can supply the targets or you can make your own using A4 paper and you can put your own photos on them of your friends or the boss.

Comes with a licence operator and two guns, needs area of 2.4 mtrs wide x 4.8 mtrs long x 3.1 mtrs high.

Duck Shooting Gallery

Take aim, keep it steady, take a deep breath now pull the trigger!

BANG! The duck goes down!

Wipe the sweat from your face you have two more ducks to go! You can do it!

Includes a Weapons Licensed Operator.



Cork Shooting Gallery

Some parties require extra a few extra safety measures so this is where our cork guns come in.

If your event involves drinking, this is the shooting gallery game to go with.


A wacky game to suit all ages.

Catapult a frog from the launching pad using a rubber hammer and make him land on a lilly pad in a pond full of water to win a prize.

Includes Staff Member.

Poker Roll Down

Four players at one time, they roll the balls and they fall into a hole some balls roll back and just like poker they can roll them again.

Each hole has a playing card eg: A, K, Q, J, 10 next to it.

After all balls have been rolled the best hand wins it could be 2 Aces or a full house.

Comes with a operator and a 2.4 mtr x 2.4 mtr x 3.1 mtr high tent.

Laughing Clowns

Laughing Clowns are a carnival favourite, something to keep the whole family amused.

These can be part of a shared profit scenario, or hired with an operator for your event.


Coin Toss

Five coins, plenty of time, no need to rush.

Toss a coin to see where it lands.

It rolls around. It stops on a coloured square. You win a prize.

Includes Staff Member.


Lots of balloons to pick from.

Throw a dart, pop one and check the tag behind.

If it says YES then you're a winner!

Very colourful game.

Includes Staff Member.

Slam Dunk

The name says it all.

Sink a basket ball in the ring to win.

Not as easy as it sounds using a smaller ball and net a real challenge for everyone.

Includes Staff Member.

Sideshows in shopping centre

Have a carnival theme in your shopping centre, a great way to have fun inside and to attract customers.

Shopping centre entertainment Brisbane
Cash Grab Booth

Everybody loves CASH!

Imagine the excitement of particpants and spectators when bank notes start flying around in the air.


Ticket Grab Booth

Pefect for fundraisers and corporate events!

Our Ticket Grab Booth is an action packed and exciting way to hold competitions.

Fairy Floss

Everybody loves fairy floss. Set up in a 3m x 3m tent for outdoor events. Professional operator included OR you can supply your own.

Different types of fairy floss machines available.

Fairy floss catering ideas Brisbane

Fairy Floss hire


No one can resist the smell of freshly popped pop corn. Set up in a 3m x 3m tent for outdoor events.

Professional operator included OR you can supply your own.

Different popcorn machine styles available.

popcorn Brisbane

Popcorn hire

Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk the name!

Slam Dunk the Game!

New Huge Inflatable Sideshow game

Looking great at your next Corporate Promotion! Breakup day or School Fun Day!

Basketball sideshow game Brisbane

Basketball sideshow game

Face Painting

Face Painting with a difference! They dress up as characters for fun!
The creation of kids forming into characters and then letting them use their imagination
to create fun at there next party!

Setup a table and chairs brought with painter - you need to provide cover

Brisbane face painting parties

Fishing pole in hand, ducks in a pond moving so fast.

Hook one and check the number to see if you get a prize.

Includes Staff Member.


Throw a ball and try to knock over five cans.

Only two fell, you have one ball left, take aim, be steady, site your shot ... CLANG go the cans and you're a WINNER!

Includes Staff Member.

Rubber Band Shoot

Grab your pistol it has five rubber bands loaded in it.

The object is to shoot a band and make it to a hook to win.

Missed the first one - don't worry - you'll get on the next one.

Includes Staff Member.

Chip Shot Golf Game

Chip Shot is a new Golf Game and using a club to move the ball to the end target is
Very Challenging and enjoyable for the Golf Fanatic! Great for Corporate Functions
Or private parties.

Mini Golf

Test your putting skill by hitting the ball around the tyre and land in the hole.

Not a easy as it looks but with a couple practice hits you will be a winner on the green.


Fireworks Displays - Ace Fireworks

Brisbane Fireworks Displays

Download their brochure HERE

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