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Drop off inflatable rides for Corporate Events

Obstacle Course fun!

Obstacle course with 23mtrs long horse shoe shaped track.

Area 15mtrs x 8mtrs
For 4 yrs and up require to drive close to setup required

Can drop off for Parties or events or comes with operators - Great People Mover!

** NEW **

Combo Castle

The best of both worlds -- Inflatable slide and jumping castle Obstacle Course Combo for all ages. Great value as you get the slide on side and the jumping castle area separate!

Can drop off for parties or events area 7mtrs L x 5.5mtrs W x 5.2Mtrs H (Drive Close to Setup helps)

Can Drop off or with operators for events!

** NEW **

Giant Inflatable Slide

Keeps the everyone busy! Inflatable Slide for all ages which loads two kids at a time.

Area 12mtrs L x 6mtrs W x 6.1mtrs H (Drive close to setup required for this item)

Can Drop off or with operators for events!

** NEW **

Vertical Bungee Run

A Challenge for any Ninja Warrior - Race a Mate test of strength and fitness.

For 6 yrs and up
Area 10mtrs x 4mtrs (Drive Close to Setup helps)

Can drop off or run with operator.

** NEW **

Gladiator Duel

Gladiators are duels are great for mates! Great for active parties. So much fun with your friend, knock them off the podium.

For 6yrs and up
A rea 6mtrs x 6mtrs (Drive Close to Setup helps)

Can drop off or run with operator.

** NEW **

Laser Skirmish Maze Room

Can come with 10 guns or 16 guns. Giant Laser Skirmish Room used for Parties or Events. Challenge your friends.

4 yrs and up can drop off or run with operators
Area 12mtrs x 7mtrs (Drive close to setup location helps)

Wipe Out Big Balls Challenge

You have seen the show Wipe Out? Why not experience the fun off the Big Balls!

Running along these is a real challenge! Have this dropped into your yard for a Party or with Operator for events!

Measurements: 11mtrs L x 3mtrs wide x 3.9mtrs high

Suitable For Ages: 6yrs and up

Hungry Hippo Bungee Game!

Hungry hippos Game we all know it now experience it live! Challenge your mates or Great Active Challenge for a Team or Staff event! 6 Play on Bungee cords at a time to grab those balls and put in basket at back of there coloured area.

Area Required: 7.5mtrs round x 3.5 high

Suitable For Ages: 6 yrs and up

All Aged Castle

And yes, we have castles suitable for ALL AGES!

This is great for parties and events where the kids and adults are going to want to go for a jump.

Giant Maze


Try our new attraction; the MAZE!

Kids big and small love to find a way to the other end and conquer the maze, with turns and dead ends to stop any maze master.

Set-up Area 10m x 10m

We offer this maze with an operator or as drop off inflatable that you supervise yourself.


Inflatable boxing Ring

Get Ready to Rumble! Ding Ding get your Boss in the ring!

So much fun for Corporate Parties, or backyard birthday parties!

Inflatable boxing game
Dora The Explorer Jumping Castle

** NEW **

Dora and Diego themed Castle for up to

Age: 14yrs

Space Needed: 5mtrs x 5mtr area for setup

Inflatable Rock & Roll Gladiator Duel –
with Boxing Gloves

It’s payback time! Put your head gear on climb in and get ready to RUMBLE!
Challenge your opponent to a duel. First one down is the loser.

The winner has bragging rights until the next duel. Can go inside Venues or out.

Area - 6mtr x 6mtr
A ges 6 yrs and up

But all ages can just jump on item as well!

Bungee Run

The sleek Bungee Run has proven itself worthy of even the most energetic children. Users strap in and try to outrun each other, both in speed and distance before getting pulled back by the Bungee Cord! Like all of our equipment the Bungee Run is ideal for private parties, fundraisers, fun days and of course corporate events. Quick to setup, fast turnaround times and fun all primary school aged children.

Max Age - 12
Max people - 2

Size: 10.0mtrs x 3.0mtrs x 3.0mtrs
Area Required: 11.0mtrs x 3.5mtrs x 3.5mtrs

Jumping Castle hire Sunshne Coast

Jumping Castle hire Sunshne Coast

Frozen Themed Jumping Castle

A jumping castle to please every child. Frozen is one of the most popular party theme and now you can even have a jumping castles featuring the movies favourite characters.


Frozen themed jumping castle Brisbane
Small Adult Castle

The Small Castle is the most affordable product in our adult range, priced to suit even the most conservative budget. The castle is generically coloured to suit any occasion, features half inflatable and half mesh walls so you can be sure no one will miss a moment of excitement with this castle.

Max Age: all ages
Max people: 4

Size: 4.5mtrs x 4mtrs x 2.4mtrs
Area Required: 5mtrs x 4.5mtr x 3mtrs

Small adult jumping castle


Medium Adult Castle

Another Medium Adult Castle concert/rockstar graphics and bright colours. The Medium Castle features a rain and shade cover for those hot days and fully inflatable walls to bounce off. The Medium Castle is large enough to cater for all ages, but compact enough to fit into most areas.

Max Age - all ages
Max people - 5

Size: 4.5mtrs x 5.4mtrs x 3.9mtrs
Area Required: 5.5mtrs x 6.0mtrs x 4.0mtrs

Medium Adult Castle

Here is a castle that is sure to brighten any day with its awesome graphics and bright colours. The Medium Adult Castle features a strong yet bouncy base suitable for all ages; fully inflatable walls which you can jump against and open front for easy access and visibility.

Also featuring a rain / shade cover to keep the elements at bay and sized to fit in most suburban backyards, it's hard to look past the Medium Adult Castle for value for money.

Max Age - all ages
Max people - 5

Size: 4.5mtrs x 5.4mtrs x 3.9mtrs
Area Required: 5.5mtrs x 6.0mtrs x 4.0mtrs

Jumping Castles for teenagers

Jumping Castles for teenagers

Giant Adult Castle

The latest addition to our range is our Giant Kids Castle with a rain and shade cover to keep the elements at bay to ensure that everyone will still have a fantastic time. This castle is super bouncy! It will bounce you all over the place keeping you in fits of laughter the whole time; luckily we hire all day or overnight for the same low rate.

Max Age - All Ages
Max people - 6

Size: 5.8mtrs x 5.3mtrs x 4.7mtrs
Area Required: 7.5mtrs x 6.0mtrs x 5mtrs

Brisbane Jumping Castles

Brisbane Jumping Castles

Gladiator Duel

Ever wanted to challenge your friends or work mates to a duel? Then do we have the product for you. To win at the Gladiator Duel you will require great balance and patience, not strength as most users find out the hard way! If you can fool your opponent into becoming unbalanced or bump your opponent off their pod then you win! Beware; it's not as easy as it looks. Great fun for all ages, males and females.

Max Age - na
Max people - 2

Size: 5mtrs x 5mtrs x .8mtrs
Area Required: 5.5mtrs x 5.5mtrs x 3mtrs

Gladiator Duel game Brisbane

Gladiator Duel game Brisbane

Sumo Suits

What more do we have to say, the infamous Sumo Suits. If you have not experienced the fun of Sumo Suits before (or the laughter watching people using them) you are definitely missing out. You bump, push, wrestle and dodge your opponent all whilst trying to stay upright!
5mtrs x 5mtrs x 2mtrs area




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