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Giant Inflatable Games

Hooley Ball

Inflatable Hooley Ball
Can hire for the Full day or Drop overnight

Compete head-to-head or team-vs-team. Throw your hooleyballs through the targets - they'll come out on your opponents side - first to get all of his/her balls to the other side, wins!

Tee Ball

Inflatable Tee-Ball
Can hire full Day or Drop overnight

In our version of Tee-ball, the ball floats in the air and you hit it into the backdrop and it will be returned back to you in a pocket through a channel in the return system. The ball floats because of a cone that shoots air for the ball to float on. The whole game runs on a blower fan and it comes complete with the balls, bat, blower, and the inflatable. It also has an instruction manual about how to put the game together and how to play it.

Hoop Game

Inflatable Hoop vs. Hoop
Can hire full
Day or drop overnight

It's all about accuracy and speed... sink your shot and the ball changes court. It's a race to see who can bury their baskets and get all the balls onto their opponents side first. Fast, furious, fun!

Jacobs Ladder

This game is not as easy as you think, challenge your boss or friend at the same time, keep it steady don’t move too much, too bad the boss has won.

Comes with operator to run item.

Seal Game

This great inflatable Sideshow Games brings a little magic to the events!

The balls float above the Seals nose and the person playing has to hit the Ball off the Seals nose to win.

Looks fantastic and is challenging!

Comes with operator to run item.

Novelty Dart Board

Bulls Eye to Win! Over Sized Novelty Dart board, great for all occasions, Teams Building, Boys Night!

Looking great at your next Corporate Promotion! Breakup day or School Fun Day!

Side show dart board game
Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk the name!

Slam Dunk the Game!

New Huge Inflatable Sideshow game

Looking great at your next Corporate Promotion! Breakup day or School Fun Day!

Basketball sideshow game Brisbane

Basketball sideshow game

Chip Shot Golf Game

Chip Shot is a new Golf Game and using a club to move the ball to the end target is
Very Challenging and enjoyable for the Golf Fanatic! Great for Corporate Functions
Or private parties.

Mechanical It’s a Knock Out Game

Great for Team Challenges and Fundraising Events!

Comes with operator to run item.

Ask for a quote today!

Football Shootout

Great fun for Fundraisers, Footy and Soccer Breakups,
School fairs and Team Challenges Or just for a Party!

Watch all ages have fun with this item! Can drop off or with operator!



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